Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Past

Like everyone else I cannot believe that it's 2012! Did 2011 even happen. I guess I do have a few memories of 2011 past. I'm gonna recap for my own sanity to prove to myself that 2011 did in fact happen. So here's the top 10 memories that I can recall....some are good and some are sad so you'll have to take the good with the bad.... 10. My dear, sweet Gigi passsed away. I miss her. 9. We conceived and miscarried soon after Gigi was gone (I warned you that these memories aren't all rainbows and unicorns; keep reading it gets better). 8. We bought new couches! I know not a big deal, but it is. 2 couches that actually match, and where in fact my husband and I can BOTH lounge! Now you understand, right? 7. To help supplement our income I started watching a precious baby girl, named Tessa-Claire. We just love her and her family. 6. My baby boy started pre-school! Now that really IS a big deal. 5. My baby boy turned 4, and is not gonna be my baby much longer! 4. We got a new mattress! Ok, so this maybe shouldn't be so far down on the list, but it has changed our life! It's a KING Sealy memory foam, and sleep has never been better! When Matt and I are done (you know) we don't even have to touch! We curl up on our own side, and wake up without back pain! 3. This probably shouldn't be so far down on the list either, but Matt got me the best Christmas present ever.....an iPad! My computer is in the process of having a ver slow, painful death so now I am able to write this blog from my iPad! It is sweet. I am using it now. 2. We went on our very first family vacation! We were able to go to Chicago! So much fun, awesome place to stay by Wrigley Field, incredible food, fantastic shopping, and even Lego Land! 1. We got pregnant with our baby girl, Evie (eh-vy)! She's due in February; we cannot wait! Ahhhh! Hope you have some memories you can hold onto from 2011 past, and are excited about the coming memories of 2012. I am not big into resolutions; to me they're just made to be broken. Instead I am looking forward to what the Lord is gonna bring in 2012. I know it's gonna be even better then last year! Hope you have a good one! Talk to you soon!