Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats....It's in the Bag!

There is nothing more appropriate to say today than, "Happy Halloween!"

I know that Halloween may be a busy day for those of you with little ones...well, what am I saying every day is busy when you have little ones, but maybe it's a little busier than usual. I know it is for me....trying to fit in dinner (I am planning on making Trisha's Chicken Tortilla Soup so we can eat before we leave, and keep it warm on the stove to eat some more when we get back before we make ourselves sick from the candy. I'll keep you posted on how the soup turns out as well as our candy induced coma). After dinner we'll get those horrendously uncomfortable, but adorably cute costumes on, and get to walking around our neighborhood, while we try to remember the best candy route from years past.

I still remember, to this day, those houses that would pass out the King Size Snickers. We would always start there before they would run out. Also my parents would be able to purposely avoid their angel-dressed daughter throwing a fit when she didn't get one like the year before.

My husband will never forget the house, a couple doors down from where he lived that would pass out dollar bills! I know; incredible right!?!?! Wonder what that family is passing out this year......hmmm. It might be worth taking a trip to Bowling Green....

Well, in order to collect as many tricks and treats as possible you have to have the right bag. That kind of came out wrong, but you know what I mean.

And thanks to a loving Aunt my kids get to trick-or-treat in style the right way.

Isnt' this bag so stinkin' adorable?!?!?

And what about those Frankenstein feet! Cool right?

The bags are canvas and will with-stand, the most excited trick-or-treaters and loads and loads of candy. 
The bags are made by a lady in the Bowling Green area. If your interested in getting these made for next year you can place your order here.

Have a Happy, Safe, and Healthy Halloween! What am I saying? Healthy; yea right! What kind of Halloween would that be.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Trophy

Were you ever sent to the Principal's office? I never was....not that I am a better person for not ever getting my rear-end sent there; I just have no idea what it would even be like. I can guess, but can't ever really know for sure. I would probably have cried. I mean bawled my eyes out just like in Kindergarten whenever I had to just put my name on the board for talking too much, or pecking the shoulder of Mrs. Labriola like "a woodpecker". And yes that is really her name. Like Ravioli. Mrs. Labriola Ravioli; I used to laugh about that sometimes.

It was embarrassing to put my name on the board, so it didn't happen too often, but by the 3rd or 4th time I had gotten used to it and I decided it wasn't as bad as I had made it out to be, and eventually my name got written bigger and neater with that white chalk. Then eventually, I would sit there with my head down on my desk and not mind it, as much. I mean everyone did get to see my name up there.

I know, completely vain. That is all I knew in a way. I was the first born of three. The only girl; spoiled in my own right, feeling pretty cool in my over-sized sweatshirts with ribbons sewed on them, bright leggings, matching socks, with pointy black boots and my permed-side ponytail with a bright, huge bow. I loved it. And I loved school, and liked having lots of friends, it was fun and free.

Eventually all that went to my head and followed me to middle school where I still thought I was cool, but for wearing matching Umbro soccer outfits with indoor soccer shoes, and even all the way to what I referred to as unfortunately, "My Britney Spears Look," which was a pleated skirt, buttoned-up white collared shirt, and knee highs (which I snuck in my book bag, and changed into in the school bathroom because Momma would not have it). Of course, I understand why now, because it was absolutely ridiculous to dress like that as a little girl or a big girl for that matter! But I did. And now you know.

Grown up now (to some degree), with a baby girl and 5 -year-old boy I now know that I need to get Matt to install mini cameras in their book bags. No, seriously.

I wish Simms' was already installed because of what happened yesterday, but it wasn't, and we had to take the word of our 5-year-old and a pink slip that was sent home. For those of you that don't know what a pink slip is; it's not pretty, though  I like the color pink (especially with a little girl now) I assure you this pink is pale and sickly, and that's how I felt when I saw it.


Simms was completely cool with the entire situation.

He said very nonchalantly, "I was standing in line and Tiziano wasn't moving so I went around him....then he punched me in the back like this!" he punched himself in his lower back, "then I turned around and pushed him," he pushed the air with both of his hands, "and then I did this," he then made a claw with one of his left pointer finger and scratched the air, "right on his nose."

He was pretty matter-of-fact about the entire 5 second ordeal. So I signed the slip and then emailed the teacher. Kind of horrifying in a weird way..... It made me feel really like an adult, a scared adult who still had to call her Momma (she teaches so that helped) for advice.

We don't want to be "those" parents, but maybe we are. And I guess if "those" parents are concerned, worried, scared, and head-over-heels for their kid than I am pretty ok with that.

The Lord is really the One who helps with all of this and that (as well as running a couple of miles on the treadmill at our local YMCA). He helps with ALL of it. Life. It doesn't mean it's easier; in some ways it's harder. But He is good.

The Lord, through the sacrifice of Christ and by the Holy Spirit (yea I will never completely understand all that till I see Him face to face), who is more than I could or ever be for Simms, who says to me by His word in Proverbs 3:7-8 , "Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones."

Letting Him truly refresh me; allowing me to turn my eyes away from evil, and trying to listen to His wisdom and nobody else is my only hope, is Matt's only hope, is Simms' only hope and Evie's. I pray our kids eyes are truly opened to that one day as He graciously opened my eyes that night at summer camp; open to His great, miraculous love, which I am still in awe of to this day.

That's when I will be reminded once again that His power is made perfect in my weakness. Just like He says and says and says again to me.

Oh yea, and what Simms said to me helped me to understand a little better about the whole ordeal leading up to the Principal's Office, "Ummmm, Mommy, the best part of my day was when I got to sit in the office and look at all the trophies."

Only Simms....

I guess in a way I am a lot like him..... when I have a crappy day and get sent to the "Principal's Office", wherever that may be or feel like at the time, when I am there I am drawn and convicted and get to look at and enjoy the Trophy..... Christ and He really gets me and takes me as I am..... a sinner, a mess-up redeemed and made right and beautiful by Him; His Son, His Sacrifice and there, right there is a bright light shining on Him, the Champion, that I just can't take my eyes off.

And that's always the best part of my day too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kale Yea

I took my first venture into Earth Fare last night. It's a fairly new supermarket here, and I think I have a little crush on it. But I have an even bigger crush on a little treasure I dug up in there......

 Yep, Kale Chips.....

 I know I was surprised too!

And then I couldn't stop. I kept eating them, and kept eating, and kept eating them. Matt practically had to save them from all being devoured in one sitting. Not kidding....these things are delicious. These are the "ChiZee" flavored variety, don't know what that means, but I do know they are spicy, salty, crunchy and, yet they melt in your mouth all at the same time.

They have other flavors too, but these happened to speak to me. I also remember seeing pizza flavored, hmmm.

The other cool thing about Earth Fare is that that it's a "healthy" supermarket, but it won't break the bank. It has some great deals.

Text EAT to 71700 and you will get those great deals sent to your phone; like $5 off of $25 worth of groceries. Also go to and sign up as a member; then you can print off a coupon. The coupon is a FREE whole chicken OR veggie burgers with a $10 purchase. That's a pretty great deal!

Oh, also kids eat FREE on Thursdays! lemme get back to those kale chips....


Monday, October 1, 2012

July, August, and September you were not forgotten....

With cooler weather, mums, pumpkins, creepy costumes, and everything else that comes in the month of October I thought this would be the perfect time to also do a recap on the past several months courtesy of my iPhone.


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