Thursday, September 27, 2012

The longest vacation in history

So there has obviously been a huge gap from my last post until now. My family and I went on vacation and then it was like we never returned (according to my blog), but let me assure you we did return. Just a little thing called "life" happened.

By the way I have missed you.

Where do I even start? I guess at the beginning......

Our last minute (because that's how we roll), much-needed vacation to the beach served it's purpose.

 We rested and played and enjoyed being with just us; just our family.

Everything was so good. Laying on the beach reading at one moment, then hitting the waves with Simms and his new boogie board (that has a painting of a kind-of-creepy, yet groovy gigantic eyeball) the next moment.

Building "the world's bestest sandcastle,"

and then eating fresh seafood directly in front of where it used to be swimming.

Letting my son truly be a kid, and not hold all these high expectations over his head for him to be better than I was, for one moment.

Enjoying simple, yummy food in Seaside that I swear I am going to make one day in my kitchen for breakfast.... brown sugar, praline bacon, on a homemade biscuit smothered in melted pimento cheese with a side of green chili, white cheddar grits. My mouth is salivating just sharing this.

And just being thankful for the few days to breath normal, and not worry about what tomorrow is going to bring. 

But "tomorrow" did come, just as it always does, and it surprised us....

And honestly scared us and wrecked us and woke us up and left me feeling defenseless, like I had nothing to cling to, with no where to go or grow. I felt bare. 

Just as my husband sort of feels without his beard.

But, the Lord has and is covering us with His grace and is growing me; growing us, into better people than we were before. 

Sort of like Matt's beard.....

better than it was before.....tomorrow I might feel different. 

But just for now that's how I see it.