Monday, August 30, 2010

Fruit Flies-Catch & Release

This is totally gross, but I know I am not the only one this has happened to. Com on....admit have had fruit flies in your house too! Haven't you? Well, even if you haven't you may one day. So this post isn't necessarily about a recipe for cooking, but it is a recipe for catching those nasty fruit flies that invaded my ever so important kitchen. Those annoying flies came about because of all the summer garden tomatoes I told you about, that have piled up, and that I am now trying to can for future use. There are a number of different traps that you can try, but I'll let you know what has worked for me and what hasn't. These are all "pennyless" and green ways to get rid of those little pests.
First and foremost, obviously get rid of the fruit that is causing those nasty flies to do the nasty and make more nasty fruit flies. Second, thoroughly clean the entire kitchen; wiping down countertops with vinegar, and make sure there is no exposed fruit anywhere else.
Third, when I say clean entire kitchen I mean ENTIRE kitchen, no dirty dish rags or towels laying around, wipe down outside of refrigerator from top to bottom and the dish washer and the trash can; make sure the trash can is also empty or covered.
Fourth, my favorite, time to set the traps!

One trap that I tried was filling the sink with soapy water. This attracted some of the flies, but not all would land in it. Two landed in it and drowned.
Another trap tried is putting a piece of an apple in a plastic bag that you can zip up. This attracts the flies, but not all would venture into the bag, and it was hard to zip up the bag fast enough to catch them and then release them outside.
The trap that worked the best for me was placing a few grapes that were beginning to rot (or any other piece of fruit would work) in the bottom of a plastic cup . The key is patience, which I don't always have, especially when it comes to bugs in the house! I found the place where these flies were congregating and placed the cup there. I also had the idea to cover the bottom of the cup with honey and then placing the grapes on top of the honey. After an entire day the flies started getting brave and went to the bottom of the cup; some got stuck in the honey and drowned which made it easy. Once the flies got inside the lip of the cup I quickly slammed a plastic plate on top of the cup and went outside to release them. I surprisingly even got a house fly with this trap! Make sure to replace the fruit every day or so. This process is repeated over and over until there are no more; it can take up to 10 days. I know 10 days! But it's worth it to get those things out of the house, and so I can use my kitchen, the "pennyless" way of course, in peace!

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