Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow's Perfect Accompaniment

As soon as we crawled out of bed this morning, hair matted to our faces, rubbing the sleep out of our eyes we could not believe what we saw out our windows.....a beautiful, white, glistening sheet of snow that covered our entire backyard. Snow, you know the perfect kind for making snowballs, and snow men, and even apparently igloos (which is what my son tried to vigorously build the entire day). I absolutely love snow, if it's gonna be cold there might as well be snow! And what goes better with snow then hot chocolate. Face numb from the cold, and fingers frozen, there is no better way to warm up from head to toe then with a piping cup of hot chocolate.
It's a tradition with us to make hot chocolate mix every year, a tradition that my daddy started when I was a kid on those snow fallen days. Here is the recipe that takes me back to my childhood, the days where we made snowmen till we couldn't feel our fingers anymore. A recipe that I hope will one day take my son back to some of his favorite snow days with his family.

Daddy's Hot Chocolate Mix

1 16 oz. container chocolate Nesquick
1 8 quart box instant milk
1 large jar of powdered coffee creamer (daddy always said get the Creamora brand)
1 tbsp powdered sugar

Mix together in a ginormous bowl. Use immediately by filling a cup half full with mix and stirring in hot water, or store in an air tight container for up to 3 months.
This mix also makes a great gift; package thoughtfully with a coffee mug and you have a creative and festive present.

That boy looks like he needs some hot chocolate!

Simply mix with hot water.

Top with whip cream, yummy!

What a perfect snow day.


Audrey said...

Look at that smile. He is precious Megan!

Megan.... said...

Thanks Audrey! I thinks so too!

creamycajunguy said...

Thanks for the promo REALLY is SOOOO MMM, MMM GOOOOOOD on a cold snowy day...LUV U, Dad!

Megan.... said...

Love you Daddy!

sarah said...

The best hot chocolate mix ever...really! Thanks for the gift idea.

Megan.... said...

You're welcome Sarah! So glad you liked it!