Monday, December 27, 2010

Rest In Grease

My Momma's Skillet Cookies are not the only Christmas tradition in the McDougal household. Since my husband and I started dating, about six years ago we would travel to Nashville and enter the historic Ryman Auditorium to watch Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God. A concert of what I would call some of the best singer-song writers ever to come together to perform; taking the audience through The Old and some of the New Testament, beautifully weaving Christ, through song up to His glorious birth. It's a celebration of God's gift to us and Himself, told in some of the most beautiful lyrics and melodies ever sung. So for six years my husband and I have been blessed to go, sit, and listen to the greatest story ever told, and know that one day we will meet this great baby, the only reason we have Christmas, who lived and grew to become a man on this Earth He created, never sinned, yet died a sinner's death for the world so all that know Him can be freed of the sin that so enslaves us. So because of Him we live here temporarily storing treasures in Heaven, serving Him, as He prepares a place for us to dwell in the Heavenly realms to worship Him for all eternity.
There is something so entirely beautiful at the end of this concert as we all stand in this beautiful building with hundreds of people, and sing the historic lyrics to O' Come All Ye Faithful as it echoes, and reflects the true Beauty of God, who breathed Beauty into existence that cold night in David's town.
With this tradition my husband has begun to surprise me the last few years with a night away for just us and to wake the next morning or really afternoon, the one time a year we really sleep in, and go to downtown West End Nashville to eat lunch. We always venture to a different dive. This particular morning, we chose McDougal's, of course!
I don't think this food can be replicated (even if you do have the same last name and a food blog). The best dang chicken fingers I've ever had! If you're in Nashville you have got to venture over to this quarky little hut and feast on their fresh, fried chicken and hand-cut french-fries. I can now rest in grease peacefully.

This place totally looks legit.

It's hard to decide....I'll take the 3 piece platter.

So good....I cannot handle it!

I am about to have my way with you!

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