Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still hangin' in there....

Ok, so the hood above my stove, a.k.a. Bella, is still hangin' in the same sad, lowly state she was over a month ago.
First, I want to address the question to why I named her Bella (some have been wondering). I don't really know why exactly, except that there was a time in my life when I had a slight obsession with the Twilight books (along with the majority of the female population). Bella, the main character in the book, was always depressed and sad, a loner I'd call her. Then one glorious day this insanely wise and good-looking Edward-vampire comes, sparkles a bit and changes her life entirely. Let me quickly explain....eventually after A LOT more detail Edward goes on to make her sparkle, beautiful and virtually indestructible with just one bite (hopefully Stephenie Meyer is not totally annoyed with this explanation). So I guess I'm hoping that eventually I will have a sparkling, good-looking, indestructible hood that will help me to make food that will taste like Bella will look in her eventual new state. I don't know, but maybe in my subconscious that's why I named her that.
Second, like I said, Bella is still hangin' there; exactly the same as before, but looking sadder and sadder with every passing day. So if anybody knows my husband, will you please tell him that the picture and shelf that were hung up on our walls at the wrong heights can stay that way for ten years (I would prefer they didn't, but it's OK if they do), and the light fixture that was put in the wrong place can stay there as well, the fan that needs to be replaced in the living room is even fine, and the toilet paper roll that is coming loose from the wall is half-way tolerable, but poor Bella has got to be fixed. She cannot be propped up with my favorite, ridiculously long spoons for the rest of her life! And I just don't know how long she will actually stay propped up or how long, if I'm being honest, I can stand to look at her like this! I get fearful every time I turn on the hood light or fan that she's gonna crash right on top of the burning stove and the "pennyless" meal I'm cooking!
So if any of you out there have some pull of any kind with my husband, can you share this with him? It has got to be fixed. The Pennyless Cook must continue cooking and I have got to have Bella to do it!
FYI there was no need to post a photo because she looks the same as she did in September, check out that post if you wanna get a look at her. Now she feels a little harassed at times with people gawking at her, like an animal at the zoo, so I'll make sure she doesn't know. I don't want her to have a break down one evening, literally.


Bonnie said...

Oh The Autry's are on it!

Megan.... said...

Thanks for the support....definitely need you to back me up!