Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out of her Fourth of July funk

For the Fourth of July, and to scratch the surface of this craft itch I have recently gotten, I decided to make a wreath for our front door. The front door was looking a little lonely and depressed so I was hoping this would help get her out of this funk that she is in. It seems to be working, though, looks can be deceiving. What do you think?

I first saw this cute wreath on a little obsession I call Pinterest. To make these, what I am calling fireworks, you start out accordion-folding a piece of scrapbook paper, and then staple it right in the middle.

Then start by cutting an angle at each end. To get the fireworks different sizes cut the angle different distances from the center of the staple. Then fan out and tape the ends on the top and bottom together.

To cover the foam wreath, that I got from a craft store, just wrap different ribbon and attach with push pins. Every six wraps I changed color.

Then hot glue the paper fireworks, overlapping each other, and then to the wreath.

So easy.

She looks so much happier now, and that makes me happy!

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