Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats....It's in the Bag!

There is nothing more appropriate to say today than, "Happy Halloween!"

I know that Halloween may be a busy day for those of you with little ones...well, what am I saying every day is busy when you have little ones, but maybe it's a little busier than usual. I know it is for me....trying to fit in dinner (I am planning on making Trisha's Chicken Tortilla Soup so we can eat before we leave, and keep it warm on the stove to eat some more when we get back before we make ourselves sick from the candy. I'll keep you posted on how the soup turns out as well as our candy induced coma). After dinner we'll get those horrendously uncomfortable, but adorably cute costumes on, and get to walking around our neighborhood, while we try to remember the best candy route from years past.

I still remember, to this day, those houses that would pass out the King Size Snickers. We would always start there before they would run out. Also my parents would be able to purposely avoid their angel-dressed daughter throwing a fit when she didn't get one like the year before.

My husband will never forget the house, a couple doors down from where he lived that would pass out dollar bills! I know; incredible right!?!?! Wonder what that family is passing out this year......hmmm. It might be worth taking a trip to Bowling Green....

Well, in order to collect as many tricks and treats as possible you have to have the right bag. That kind of came out wrong, but you know what I mean.

And thanks to a loving Aunt my kids get to trick-or-treat in style the right way.

Isnt' this bag so stinkin' adorable?!?!?

And what about those Frankenstein feet! Cool right?

The bags are canvas and will with-stand, the most excited trick-or-treaters and loads and loads of candy. 
The bags are made by a lady in the Bowling Green area. If your interested in getting these made for next year you can place your order here.

Have a Happy, Safe, and Healthy Halloween! What am I saying? Healthy; yea right! What kind of Halloween would that be.

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