Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Historical Recap

All right, with the election behind us I am going to do a recap for those of you that didin't stay up last night before the official results were announced. Totally kidding! A recap, that is, on the month of October in the McDougal household. Thanks to photos on my iPhone you can participate in mind-blowing history. Don't worry, no politics here.....just some great memories to me thanks to my iPhone. So get away from everything for just a moment....


Autumn Welcome Home * My Little Shrek * Go Big Red! * Homecoming * Buds * Happy 8 months Evie! * Costco * The Green Chair * Goofball * A Halloween Craft * Finished! * Tickled * Siblings * Just Reading * Princess Frog * Sunshine * "Hello? Momma?!?!" * My Artist * I Heart Daddy * Zumbathon * Sweatin' * Family Movie Night * Dr. Frankenstein * Evie's First! * One Big Smile * Daddy's Magic Touch 

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Tarah said...

Love all these pictures!