Monday, March 4, 2013

Flu-like Symptoms

Apparently this year the strand of Flu virus that is floating through the air is one of the worst we've ever had. Yesterday I thought I was coming down with it. The only thing that made me happy about this was that this may mean I will be forced to get on the Flu-diet, and since next week I will be gracing the beaches of Florida in my one-piece this would be a little helpful. But let's get real, nothings worth the way I am and will continue to feel if I do have the Flu.

One minute I am breaking out in sweats; the next I am freezing cold. My stomach is KILLING me. Every bone in my body from my wrists to my ankles are sore. And I have a headache that is just taunting me. I didn't feel like eating much at all. This is not good.

Now I don't know how many males are reading this right now, but it may be time for you to stop at this point. Seriously, I would stop reading if I were you. This is not a joke. STOP.

Dude! Stop reading! You are going to regret it if you don't.

Ok, it's your choice. It's your death wish.

Back to my story. Then in my moment of weakness I thought in my head, well actually I think "Aunt Flo" is on her way to visit. "Aunt Flo", you know, "that time of the month", period, menstruation cycle. Whatever you want to call it....I think it's time for her monthly visit. But surely that's not what's making me feel this way. We did have Taco Bell yesterday, maybe I had a bad Taco? But I eat there at least twice a month or more and have never felt this way? And usually a migraine comes first, and than Aunt Flo, and that's pretty much the extent of it.

After an agonizing evening....Aunt Flo came a knockin' this morning. Right on schedule. Well, there's my answer. Flo why are you so angry at me this month? I guess I will never know. Great, I have a cramp coming on.

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