Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Have an Addiction

I admit I am a little addicted to television, but in all honesty right now, since Downton Abbey is on an hiatus (along with Matthew *tear*tear*), there are not really any shows on that I couldn't live without, well, except The Walking Dead. Some of my friends have been shocked that this Southern suburb girl would even watch such a show, but it has some of the best writing and storytelling around. Along with, what I find now as hilariously, grotesque zombies roaming the streets. I hate horror flicks; believe me, if this show wasn't good there is no way I would watch it. But it is good. Really good. Edge of your seat good. Gut-wrenching good. Even pull on your heartstrings good.
But since I am bored with The Bachelor now, and there's only so much Nicki and Mariah eye-rolling I can take between decently sung songs, I have been searching for some other tv series to watch. Ones that are finished so I can selfishly watch all the episodes in a row without interruption.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I can't believe this series was canceled after only 1 measly season! It's brilliant. Written by the creator Aaron Sorkin, whom I love. That's all I must say for now. You'll have to watch it for yourself. Seriously watch it!

Arrested Development

A hilarious take on a messed up family that can make anyone's look normal. This show is pee-in-your-pants funny. I was shocked that it was only around 3 seasons, but it's obviously such a hit that season 4 is making a come back on Netflix this May. Hurry and watch the first 3 seasons so you are ready when season 4 is realeased! Hurry! Go! Now!


This is the series I am currently watching. I know I must have been living under a rock back in the day since I am just now watching it, but I have seen the light now. This show is so addicting. Each season is shot in real time so the entire season is actually shot in one day (hence the title). It's heart-pounding good. I am currently on season 4, and each season has twist and turns that I can never figure out. I am really into it. I need to get finished watching all 8 seasons so I can get my life back and quit living it through Jack Bauer. I think my husband will be glad when I am finished too; although he's getting addicted to it too.

Also coming to a computer or iPhone or iPad near you will be the launching of my new website. I can't wait to share it with you! It's under construction and should finished by next week.

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