Friday, March 1, 2013

Pantry Project

So this is the third time that I have redone my pantry. I can't ever get it to work right for me. I do a lot of cooking and it never stays organized. The baskets I've been using are usually too full and aren't able to be used properly. When I look at it it gives me a headache. To the naked eye it may not look too bad, but it needs to be revamped.

So I am going to work on it. I love glass jars. I'm completely obsessed with them. I think I might fill them up.

I also found some white paint out in the garage.

I think I might use these numbers on the baskets with the paint.

That's better.

1, 2, 3.


And a new pantry. We'll see how long it stays this way.

Oh, also Matt got me this cute apron from Anthropologie. See it hanging on the hook right there?

Cute as a button.

I just love it.

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