Friday, February 25, 2011

Kill Jill

If our GPS, known by her given-name Jill, said "recalculating" one more time in that annoyingly calm voice I was going to be forced to "recalculate" her out of existence! But Matt seems to have taken a liking to her for some reason, even though in one moment of our trip across Texas she did get powered off (in that moment I was glad I didn't have a switch he could simply turn off). Unfortunately, she didn't stay silent for long because we needed her to recalculate our miscalculations.
Jill was still rambling on about "recalculating" for the 1000th time when I thought Matt was about to throw in the towel. We had traveled to Dallas with the specific directions from several friends to go to Rudy's for some of the finest Texas BBQ, Papasito's for some of the finest Tex-Mex in existence, and Sam Moon a Dallas gem filled to the brim with affordable treasures. These were on our to-do list and we were going to cross-off all three of those destinations no matter what Jill was trying to do to sabotage our efforts.
50 minutes later we still hadn't found our first destination, and I was about ready to jump out of the car and let Matt and Jill live happily-ever-after, while I went on my own and found some dead animal to put in a smoker and smother with BBQ sauce.
I was practically foaming at the mouth; dying to try some of Texas' best and couldn't wait any longer.....Rudy's BBQ was calling my name, I could hear it clearly, well it was a little drowned out by Jill's continual "turn right", "recalculating", "recalculating", "turn left", but I know I was meant to try this one-of-kind BBQ. My palms were sweating, I had a slight headache, I needed prayer; until finally like a beautiful vision from God we saw the sign off in the distance and we could smell the sweet, smoky scent of victory!

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