Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Really Gets Me Going!

I love speciality cookware of any kind, nice pots and pans can really get me going (Mmmmm now I realize why my husband got me those incredible skillets for Christmas.), knives can have somewhat the same effect, and then of course my bright red and powerful Kitchen Aid Mixer (Hey, now that I think about it, that was what my husband got me for one of our first Christmases. Matt, I am on to you!). I can stay for hours upon hours in speciality food or cooking stores and try out every wooden spoon, as if I have a pot of vegetable soup or macaroni and cheese (depending on what mood I'm in) cooking right in front of me. It's one of my God-given passions. I love food and I love to eat food, so I learned to love cooking the food that I love so very much.
My roll-model of the moment shares this same passion. She even recently designed her very own model of a Kitchen Aid Mixer (Jealous, right here!). This woman has quickly inspired me in several areas of my life, which has then encouraged me to pursue life with the same ferocity that I pursue food. She has become the icing on my cake, the glaze on my donut, the cream in my coffee, the jalapeno in my salsa (you get the point).
This woman's name is Ree Drummond famously known as The Pioneer Woman. With her blog, she has driven me to grasp life and hold on tight with my eyes wide open. She has drive, creativity, intelligence, and beauty that, if I'm honest, makes me want to pluck her eyebrows out, but once I'm thinking clearly she truly makes me want to reach my dreams and then give her a big hug, and maybe a gift card to her favorite restaurant.
Here is the link to her Restaurant Style Salsa that I made to go with the Chicken Fajita Pasta with Queso Sauce. Thanks Ree for being such a woman to aspire to and for getting me going (No, not like that! I can't believe you thought that! Giving me drive. Let's just leave it at that.). Ree you inspire me to be me.

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