Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surprise! Happy Birthday!

Well since my birthday is also the celebration of our engagment it was only fitting that my husband surprised me again this year, as he did that romantical night 6 years ago. This year there was no diamond involved or scavenger hunt (see Do you like surprises?), it did however include dinner at P.F. Chang's, coffee at Quills, and then a throw down at Akiko for karaoki. I feel like I'm still recovering from this shin-dig since I was out WAY past my bedtime.
I want to share with you this incredible coffee we had. I ordered a drink with honey and cinnamon; it was comforting and full of sweetness; yet the actual coffee flavor came through luxuriously and subtly. If you live in the Louisville area and haven't made it downtown to Quills you are missing out on the best coffee shop around. It's on Baxter Avenue and you must stop in. It's a limited menu with artisan coffee makers, desserts, and a radical tea selection. The fine baristas making your coffee will completely impress you when you receive your drink with foam on top that looks like it needs to be framed and hung on a wall. Philip Revell, one of Quill's own, designed our drinks and we found out he would be entering his work as a representative of Louisville in Coffee Fest Free Pour Latee Art Championship in Chicago. A national competition. Beautiful, intricate designs that Revell creates will lay perfectly on the top of your coffee by way of the milk, and stay there until almost the very last drop. It's a grande experience from the very first sip.
Go to Baxter Avenue, get a cup of coffee, window shop, and soak up the life of the city as if for the very first time.
Go celebrate something! You may be surprised, as I was, and that surprise became one of the best nights I've had.

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