Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This past Friday I was extremely blessed to experience the renewal of vows between two sweet friends. My breath was taken away by the beauty of the church lit in candlelight. As the church filled with song you might've thought in that moment that there is nothing more glorious, but after hearing the beautiful and difficult journey this family had been on, and the way God has graciously healed and blessed them; His work amidst lives is much, much more glorious!
As these two were renewing there love for one another; I was taken aback by the fact that God is constantly renewing for our good and His glory!
God has been renewing me for the past several months. I've felt like I've been riding a roller coaster, if I'm honest, since January. I would go down in a pit and then He would pull me back out; till recently.
During this time God has used the wise and encouraging counsel of dear friends and even my husband (I know it may be shocking, but Matt is my wisest and bestest friend in the whole-wide world). He, God that is, has also opened my ears to His Word, and used different songs to point me towards Himself. He has constantly pursued me during this time till I finally listened and said, "Ok! Ok! I hear you! Yes I want to be near you now with my entire heart, not just a portion, and thank you for not giving up on me! I do love you, I'm sorry for not always showing it, and thank you so much for always loving me!"
I just wanted to share with you that I am so incredibly thankful that He doesn't give up on me and He won't ever give up on you either! His love sustains, provides, protects, and still believes when I, or even you may not!

This song has been on my mind ever since I witnessed God's merciful, joyous, and gracious hand on that precious family; that simply wanted to share what God had done between two hearts that He had brought together two decades ago.......

Yea, it was harder then we thought it would be and it may get harder, but that's what the Promise is for.

I need to remember that when I forget.

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