Thursday, May 19, 2011

U Simply gotta try this!

So I went to Wal-Mart the beginning of the month for my monthly shopping trip; I only spent $90 which is one of the best monetarily speaking experiences I have had there, but overall experience I give it -98%. That's negative 98% for those that read that too fast and are now confused. Why not negative 100% you ask? Well because I did save money, and that's how Wal-Mart sucks me in that door because it's the cheapest and also because of this ridiculously, awesome product I found (which you may be able to find other places; Wal-Mart is just where I've seen it).

I'm not gonna go on a tangent about my shopping experience. Nope, I won't. You can't make me.

Well maybe I will; just a little one.....

The block of cheese I picked up was covered in mold, they were out of my red onions which I specifically needed for a salad I was making the next day, every bag of rice had holes in it that I picked up, the only cumin they had left was dented, and the bag of frozen chicken had a hole in it the size of my fist. I hate to complain; really I do, I know it doesn't seem like it because that's what I'm doing, but sometimes you gotta face "the man" and stand up for what is right!

So I found the most important looking man I could, and told him in an even tone, what a lovely experience I had been having (no, not really, you can imagine what I said, but there was no yelling involved; promise).

He looked at me for a minute, like a deer in headlights, and said, "This has just been a terrible day for you in here hasn't it." *crickets* *crickets*

"No, duh!" I thought, taking deep breaths to remind myself to have self-control, and said, "Here, let me show you what I mean," and then I proceeded to take him around the entire store to show him, of course, what I meant.

I get it. Everybody has a bad day; I have plenty of them. People close to me can tell you that, but then you apologize and go on and try to fix what you might have messed up; then do better the next time. No discounts were given, or apologies handed out. That was it.

Why didn't you just leave your cart and walk out you ask? Well, because I had already been in there an hour, with my 3-year-old, who was ready for dinner and bed. And I think all we had in our refrigerator at the time was ice cubes, frozen strawberries, frozen peas, and plain yogurt. I guess I could have gone home and made a strawberry-pea smoothie for dinner, but would you?

Now I am not completely dissing every Wal-Mart; this was the Wal-Mart closest to my house. And thanks to my friend Bonnie's encouragement, I wrote Wal-Mart a letter this past week and already got a call from the manager answering my letter.

When I call her back I'll let you know what happens.

Phew! Thanks for listening.

Now for the real reason I wrote this post. The ridiculously, awesome product that I found on this most recent trip is Simply U. It's shampoo.

I use the Volumizing, 'cuz may hair needs help in that department. Okay, I'll say it, it's fine and limp, there.

This shampoo has quickly become my new favorite. One big reason is it's $5.47 for 25.4 fl oz! I also love that it's in a big, pump bottle! Plus it's Sulfate and Paraben free, pH balanced, and contains vitamins and antioxidants (I'm starting to sound like a commercial). And it smells like palm trees, sun, sand, and the ocean (I know I could've said beach, but it doesn't smell like coconut suntan lotion-you know that smell you automatically think of. I love the beach by the way). I guess the intoxicating, but not-overpowering smell is because of the Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, also known as the Acai palm, which is a species of palm tree in the genus Euterpe cultivated for their fruit and superior hearts of palm (yep, that's right, I'm pretty much a genius).

Okay! You got me; I looked it up. Sheesh.

This natural shampoo also doesn't take five hundred pumps to produce a good lather, like other's I've tried. It's two pumps and that's it! I'm tellin' you, you gotta try it.

I noticed on the shelf they also carried Moisturizing, and they claim that this shampoo is gentle-enough even for permed or color-treated hair, as well.

Your hair will thank me for sharing this with you.

Talk to you soon!


sarahe said...

I HATE Walmart. I used to shop there because I thought it was cheaper, but for the past year I've shopped almost exclusively at Kroger & Aldi--just shopping the sales & using coupons and I've cut my bills in half! Occasionally I go to Walmart for things that they carry that Kroger doesn't, but I inevitably leave angry or in a bad mood b/c of rude people, messed up products and a nasty store. Seriously though, if you shop the sales at Kroger (or whatever other grocery stores you have close by) you will ALWAYS save more money than Walmart b/c Walmart almost never discounts. Kroger will be more expensive if it's not on sale, but the sales are so common that once you get in a cycle your shopping will forever be changed!

Megan.... said...

Thanks for the advice Sarah.
Kroger has actually been my go to spot lately, but I just happened to need some things in Wal-Mart that day.
I totally agree with you, I'm actually an Aldi fan too, but there's just not one close to my house.

Anonymous said...

Ilove this shampoo/conditioner. Some blogs I've seen complain about the fact that their hair didn't "feel clean" at first..If you've never tried "REAL" shampoo before, you will not know that it doesn't foam up. (Thats what sulfates do..) and 2. It leaves your natural oils and therefore will "feel" different. It won't be "squeaky clean" because you don't strip your hair like a painter striping a wall.

Anonymous said...

I live in Austin MN and have tried to look for this product. I got it back in March, went back to the store and haven't seen it since.