Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wal-Mart and the phone call from Dawn

I just, today, got a call back from Dawn. You know, the Wal-Mart manager of the store where I had a horrible, terrible, no-good very bad day (by the way that's one of my favorite children's books).

I wanted to give you guys an update.

Here's how our conversation went.....

"Hello," I answered

"Hello?" said Dawn

"Hi, this is Megan McDougal...." I said

"*crickets* *crickets*," on her end of the phone.

Dawn, you are the one who called me. Remember?

"You know, the one who wrote a letter about my experience at Wal-Mart?" I questioned, my heart pounding.

I hate confrontation, but I'm just hoping she will offer me a shopping spree of some kind. Even though right now I am not venturing back into that store ever!

"Oh yea......I just pressed redial on my phone when I saw the missed call," she explained, "remind me again what happened."

Oh great! This is going to go well; I can already tell.

"Well, it was a pretty terrible experience," I explained, "I found a big hole in the bag of frozen chicken, moldy cheese, cucumber that was bad when I got it home...."

"Oh that's right," she interrupted, "I was really surprised because I've never had a meat complaint!"

Well maybe not to your face....

"Well, I hate that I had to complain, but really just wanted you to know the facts, and....." I said.

"Now, do you remember who you spoke with?" she asked.

"No, I didn't think to look at his name tag, but he was stocking the bananas," I said, "Oh, and he had gray hair."

"Oh I think I know who it is...." she said.

Sheesh! I hope you are never an eyewitness to a big murder case because is that really enough information to go by before you convict somebody?

If you really do know who it is please don't fire the old guy or even yell at him. It's not really his fault; unless there's some kind of protocol you all have that he didn't follow; then you can remind him.

"Well, really I just wanted you aware of the situation so you can fix it, and I will probably never...." I said.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" she asked.

Ummmm, yes please! A $5,000 shopping spree will do the trick, at your best Wal-Mart in the country, and you can pay for air-fare and a one night stay at a five star hotel in the area, as well.

"Well....." I started to say.

"Do you know when the next time you will be back?" she asked.

"Really, I have no clue," I said, "I don't think I ever....."

"How about this I'll leave you a $50 gift card at the customer service desk and you can pick it up the next time you're in," she said.

Sold, I guess, can't you make it $100 at least?

"Thanks so much," I said.

"Thank YOU and if you EVER need anything or have anymore problems please let me know," Dawn said, "we appreciate you and your feedback."

"Thanks, I will," I said.

Don't worry, Dawn I definitely will, but after I pick up that gift card I don't think I will have anymore problems because I probably won't be back. More than likely. Well, I wouldn't stake my life on it.

"Good bye!" she said.

"Bye!" I said as I hung up.

Gosh I am so easy. $50 is like giving me $0.50 compared to the amount of cash flow Wal-Mart has coming in!

But I will take it! You better believe it! There ain't no shame in that! And that was still nice; she did seem like she cared, and $50 is $50 to the McDougal family not $0.50!

Still a happy ending, considering.


Bonnie said...

Hilarious! Love it! So PLEASE don't use your giftcard in that store. Drive up to the middletown one. It's definitely a little better.

Megan.... said...

I will for sure! Thanks!

Angela said...

That happened to me at Meijer. There was this nasty looking jar of Mayo on the shelf. I was ozzing out of the jar and the contents looked like....well they looked nasty. Anyway, this little old lady reached up and took the jar and put it in her cart. I told her that it looked like a bad jar to me and that I would choose another jar if I were her. She did and I tried to give the nasty jar to the guy stocking the shelves. He looked at the jar and shook it up.....and yes....wait for it.....he put it back on the shelf!!!! Made me want to barf. I grabbed it and took it to customer service.....I don't think they cared either. It was a long time before I would shop there again either.

Megan.... said...

Angela that is disgusting!! That made me want to barf reading about it! Well, I dunno if I wanna to go to Meijer now either. We're gonna have start becoming self-sufficient ;-)