Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Extremely Real Couponing

I have always HATED couponing. Along with doing the dishes it is the one thing I dislike doing the most. I would stay up into the wee hours of the night organizing and agonizing over all the the different sales at all the different stores. I would wear myself ragged the entire next day hitting up all the different stores that have the best prices for the things I need on my grocery list. Then checking out would be a drudgery. I would hand the cashier my coupons as beads of sweat would form on my brow; then more sweat would drench my armpits (gross, I know, but it was stressful for me). Then as the total would ring up I would almost faint when all the hard work would total like $13! So eventually I gave up. It just wasn't worth it to me.

This was like a year ago; until I was introduced to This little gem does all the work for you, well Jenny really does it. It's not the Extreme Couponing way, but in my opinion it's the realistic way. She breaks it down for you so easily and teaches you along the way. I now know that when I walk into the store that whatever I am buying is the best deal possible at the rock bottom price. Its glorious!

Now, I have always been impressed when people pay literally like a $1 for hundreds of dollars of goods, but when you actually look in their cart it's ironically tubes and tubes of toothpaste and two liters of cokes, which is fine, and it's a sure fire way to make sure your teeth don't rot out from the coke, but now you have to go shopping for actual food so your family can eat!

If you follow Jenny's advice you're gonna get what you actually need. It also truly takes out all the guest work and dare I say it, but grocery shopping and saving money can be fun again!

If you're new at this like I am check out her posts on "Getting Started", and then go get started. Go!

Here's how I'm doing so far....

God just didn't make me to do those giant binders of coupons so I took the simple route and just got a small 12 folder accordion file. Than labeled each by the way stores are typically organized. I also have a miscellaneous and restaurant section.

I also try to check her site a couple times a day because it is constantly updated with deals, and most of the time you can print off the coupons directly from her site by clicking on a particular link.

Oh, and one more thing, if you don't the get your local newspaper in the mail make sure you go by a couple of papers every Sunday. I sometimes forget, and I'm kicking myself when I check her site for the deals and realize I don't have the coupon to get the ultimate savings because it was only in the paper.

Your Welcome.

Talk to you soon!


Darcie said...

Thanks Megan!! I am going to check her out. I have been watching Extreme Couponing and crack up about the coke and toothpaste too! They also spend hours organizing and they are only showing the BIG trips not the normal trips. :) So I agree, but I struggle with passing up on coupons because they are like free money!

Megan.... said...

Hey Darcie! Let me know how it goes with doing your shopping this way. Hope you are well, and you are enjoying your life at a new place!