Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wasabi Please

So I just discovered Wasabi Peas. Have you heard of them?

I've been on vacation recently (more on that in a later post) and my vacation, according to myself officially ended last night because I had to go to the grocery. Back to the daily grind; so-to-speak. We got back from our actual "vacation" Friday night, but continued our vacation back at home by eating out some and I (thanks to Matt watching Simms for most of the day, and a gift from my Daddy) got the most luxurious treatment at Physicians Center for Beauty on Saturday morning. But you don't want to hear about that.....oh you do! Well, then let me tell you....

I don't mean to brag, (well, maybe I do just a little) but I got the best massage of my life; a hot stone massage, then a facial which I had never had, then a body scrub which I had never had either, and then a gentle wave treatment which I had never even heard of! It's like 37 seconds of the brightest light ever (except for the light of the Christ Himself) that you stare at, with your eyes closed (if you can stare at something with your eyes closed that is) or you can get, according to Stephanie (the massage therapist) massive migraines. Anyway, this light is supposed to tighten skin, kill bacteria and heal blemishes. Definitely needed the healing of the blemishes part, and it worked!

Ok, now back to my point..... in between the facial and the gentle wave treatment I had time for a snack. I chose to get a salty, spicy mix of healthy nuts and crackers, but it also had, those Wasabi Peas I mentioned. So I ate my snack and sipped on my cucumber water, and got the most delicious flavor from these so-called Wasabi Peas.

I found some at Target last night during my grocery trip, and for a snack this morning I decided to eat a handful. BAD IDEA! The worst idea I have ever had, except for that one time in middle school where I roller bladed down a slide and broke my left arm in two places. Not kidding; that really happened!

These little harmless-looking, dried green peas sent a pain down my throat and through my sinuses that I have never encountered!!! I started jumping around like a possessed bunny rabbit, which didn't do any good by the way.

And I DO know about Wasabi because I eat it with my sushi, but sheesh there should be a warning on the label that says:


But it didn't say that so I thought it was all good. I seriously thought I might have to take a trip to the hospital for the 15 seconds that my mouth was on fire!
But all in all those little bits of fiery goodness are delicious.....if I eat like one or two at a time.

I think I'm gonna make a mix with them, like with bagel chips and pretzels similar to what they served at the spa. Mmmmm that sounds good......

Here's the little devils!


In case you didn't get the memo above....

Eat like this, only two at a time, and that's only if you're tough.
I mean REALLY tough.
Seriously, take an honest assessment of your life and decide if your tough.

I'm telling you I can eat spicy food.
But this is a totally different level.
There is spicy and then there is SPIUUUCY!

You can probably figure out which level the Wasabi Peas are, and if you can't you will when you eat a handful.....

Talk to you soon!

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