Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to share with you the daddy's in my life. I love them.

Here's Daddy and son enjoying the St. James Art Fair in Louisville.

Simms is being a goofball as usual, which I happen to love, MOST of the time.

That's Matt's dad on the right, whom I lovingly call Paul (shocker since that's his name; he's the best!). He's eating lunch there with his sister whom we lovingly call Aunt Linda (she's also the best!).

Paul is one of the most huggable dads you will ever meet and when he smiles his whole face smiles.

He's always there for us.

I love him so much.

That's my Daddy holding Simms.

He is a sweet and thoughtful man that I am forever thankful for.

He is a great gift.

I've shared this pic before, but it's one of my favorite's of my Grandpa (my Daddy's dad).

I love that old man.

There's father and son working in the garden Matt just built.

This sounds cheesy, but that has been a dream of mine to have a garden right outside our kitchen window! He made my dream come true *tear* *tear*.

Thanks babe!

This picture pretty much sums up our life!

Thanks babe for all you do and all you strive to be; couldn't have asked for a better man for my son to want to walk in your shoes (whether it's Chucks, Toms, or Flip-Flops).

Lots of love!

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