Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Miracle in a Bottle

During that infamous Wal-Mart run not only did I get $50, and find an incredibly affordable shampoo for myself, but I also found a shampoo for my husband Matt.

Let me first say, so my husband's man-hood is not completely stripped away from him, that Matt IS manly. He played football for a championship team in highschool. He plays an electric and acoustic guitar. He has started boxing. He even (with our friend Travis' help) ripped a huge tree out of our front yard with his bare hands a few days ago. Well, not really, that story kind of got elaborated, but they both did rip a massive bush out of our front yard with the help of some rope and our Jeep.

Matt is also good-looking, and when he sings I still sometimes melt like butter. I know gag me, but it's true. And he even has dance moves that might surprise you, and actually won my heart at a sorority dance (that's another story though).

Now, with all that said; he does have little moments of what might be considered "unmanly".

For instance, he likes hair-product. He has good-hair and is not ashamed of it.

So because of this we have bought hair products galore to satisfy this head of his.

He also has a dry scalp. I hope he doesn't care that I'm sharing this.....too late now, I guess.

So the last 5 years we have tried a million different top salon men products. From shampoos to scalp treatments; they all leave his hair with too much build-up.

Keeping all that in mind, I noticed when I was shopping, the new natural professional line by Suave. I've always had good results with Suave products myself so I thought, what the heck, my husband's hair isn't too good to try Suave! And it may just need to get over itself if it thinks it is.....

Plus, I'm only out like $3 if the shampoo doesn't work; compared to $20 or more that we tend to spend for a smaller bottle. And bonus, it smells identical to some of those $20 bottles.

Let me introduce you to the product that has minimized his build-up, moisturized his scalp, and saved our marriage.

Drum roll please....

Suave Professional Rosemary + Mint

"SALON PROVEN to invigorate as well as Aveda"

32 FL Oz. (of magic).

Your welcome.

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