Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Southern Hero and Her Homemade Recipe

Christy Jordan of is my hero! She started as a stay-at-home southern momma writing a food blog and now she has or own cook book and has been featured in Southern Living, The Today Show, and 700 Club.
I watched her segment on The Today Show and she makes me want to be her, without such a thick accent. I mean she get's to travel, write, cook, and eat! My dream, daily! I want to do what she does SO bad! There is no recipe for becoming something like that, but if you know of a cook book with that recipe will you share it with me? How does it happen for some and others just continue to write on their blog in their pink, plaid pajamas at home (no I am not sitting in my pink, plaid pajamas at home right now. What made you think that?!?!)? Do some people just have it, and others don't? Or do some people just do that little something extra that others just don't?
I mean Christy did something right or has something that others don't. Her first year writing her blog in 2008 brought in 18 million page views; next year an overwhelming 43 million. Now it's 13 million page views a month! She also writes in various on-line publications, magazines, and newspaper columns....another dream of mine (especially since I have a BA in Journalism from a top Journalism school). Guess what her degree is in? Home-Ec!
You wanna be jealous of her, but you just can't once you hear and see her. She is so stinkin' cute and likable! Check her Today Show segment. Tell me what you think her recipe is. Seriously leave me a comment and lemme know how you think she got to where she is today.
And seriously thanks for reading!

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