Friday, January 7, 2011

Teenage Dream

Ok so I know I'm not alone in wanting to make my house look like a magazine, preferably Southern Living if I had my choice, and loads of indispensable income. I have much bigger dreams then this of course that doesn't require loads of money (some have come true), but this is one dream I have and I will keep on dreaming it. I love creating and letting that creation come alive in the place we call home. It's always a beautiful dream; that sometimes I have a hard time waking up from, but it's always just a dream and when you dream you always wake up unless you're involved in something insanely confusing like I saw on Inception.
You see I work at home and stare at it all day. Most of my time is spent in the living room because, hence the name we actually do live it, and of course the kitchen. One area that has been giving me a panic attack is my pantry. So I decided instead of just dreaming about it; I would try, take this first step, and make it look like one of those unrealistic organized gems you see in the magazines.
Now with the first step complete, as I open the door to my pantry Katy Perry's Teenage Dream bursts out in glorious waves of melodic genius (I know weird but it has a great dance beat, now that I think about it it's the same beat I hear when Matt walks through the door too; this just took a turn I wasn't planning on going, anyways.....), it's there, I really do hear it and can't help but bust out some moves. Maybe that's the sound I'll hear when I open every door in my house, but for now I'll be content hearing Journey's Don't Stop Believing; no seriously I really do hear it, it's my 3-year-old's favorite songs that, Happy Day and Jesus Loves Me. Honestly, I need to hear those songs way more, and those are songs that I will always hear because if I'm really listening I realize I'm living my own adult dream, not Katy's teeny-bopper dream.

Do you hear it? You know it makes you wanna bust a move!


Darcie said...

Love it!! You inspire me!! :) I need to do this to my pantry too! From Darcie

Megan.... said...

Thanks Darcie! Lemme know what song starts playing when u organize yours.