Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures at Cedarmore

This past Sunday after church, our Lifegroup took a trip out to a campground called Cedarmore to cookout, play, fish and relax with all of our families. These are some of my favorite people and it was such a treasured time.

While the food was cooking on the grill we did a little fishing.

Well I didn't. Hooks in the mouths of slimy things kind of creeps me out; so I just watched.

That's our friend Patrick getting ready to get his fishing-on.

Patrick helping Simms fish for the very first time!

Pretty sure we'll have to take Simms to do this again. He hasn't stopped talking about it.

He told some strangers about it yesterday. They just smiled, nodded politely as if they understood, and then looked at me like I have one strange kid.

They're getting a bite.....

That's Simms' terrified-out-of-his-mind look.

Hands over the ears automatically equals terror for Simms. You'd think you'd cover your eyes, but not my son, it's the ears for some unknown reason.

There's the guy that's putting up such a good fight.

Now this is his I-cannot-wait-I-think-I-might-pee-my-pants-look.

Which as a matter-of-fact did not happen once on our little trip because he was so completely fascinated with peeing on a tree.

Which he proceeded to announce to everyone every time this occurred.

Yep, proud Momma right here!

This is his I'm-kind-of-grossed-out-but-I must-be-a-man-and-finish-what-I-started-face.

Terrified again.

Look at that big catfish!

Everyone is standing back at a safe distance just in case this is the man eating catfish we have all heard about.

Still considering if it's safe.

Hannah takes the first brave step forward.

Then Simms toughened up, not to be outdone.

Guess it's safe?

Probably thinking this is the best day of my 3 years of life by-golly!

Way to go Patrick!

Daydreaming of being a professional fisherman.

You can be whatever you want to honey!

If you can dream it then you can achieve it!

Well, I don't know about a fisherman?

I don't think there's much of a career in that in Kentucky. You would have to move you say! No way then!

Well, unless you got to go on Deadliest Catch. Then I would have a famous son so that would be kind of cool.

No, I'm sorry, that would be too dangerous.

Welcome to my head. It's a scary place.

Trying to fish again.

Still daydreaming.

Now he's ready to forget about moving to become a professional fisherman and go onto the next adventure for the day....

A nature hike!

Their paper bags are ready to be filled with nature hike treasures.

We didn't get a whole lot of hiking accomplished, as you can see above, but we did find this flowing creek.

The food was ready by the time we got back.

I already ate my spicy brat that the guys grilled and forgot to take a photo amongst all the excitement, mainly from the goodness of the brat.

So just so you guys could see it I forced myself to eat another.

My dear friend Nina and her daughter Hannah having a picnic.

Hannah Mae, working it for the camera.

Me with my favorite little boy.

Sweet little Izzy.

Well, Simms gets mad at me if I call her that, excuse me it's Isabelle.

Simms directing all the women for a group photo.

That's me on the left then Emily, Nina, Abby, Sarah, and Erin.

Love them!

Perfect way to the end the day!

The kids are safe; I swear! They are playing right over there to the left.

Don't turn us in to child protective services, please! Thank you.


Greg said...

So fun to see Simms grow up. Maybe he can be a professional "fisher-of-men" like Dad!

Recovering Church Lady said...

I'm sitting here with a grin as i read all your great captions, especially the fishing scenes! Your little guy is the cutest kid!
Looks like the best way to spend a sunday afternoon!