Friday, April 22, 2011

On Friday a Thief.....

Today has been given to us to reflect on the death of Christ and how He took on the sins of all men. He experienced ridicule and pain, but most painful must have been God turning His face from Him for that time. He was left for 3 days in darkness to pay the debt that we owed for our evilness. With that act He gave us freedom if we only look to Him.
But it didn't end there. No. This sacrifice was not done in vain. He defeated death! That Friday, Satan was obliterated and Christ reigned victorious. He stayed in the grave for only 3 days. No more, and no less. When Mary and others came back to the grave the stone had been rolled away. He was no longer dead, but had risen giving us freedom and life, us being those who love and believe in Him; making us His sons and daughters!
This is not just some story, this is not some fairytale. This is truth. Read and seek it out for yourself (see John 19:16-20:18) . Whether you believe this miraculous gift of salvation that God gave to us or not, it is true and will forever be true. Hell and Heaven are real places where people will live in eternity.
Choose the narrow path towards Christ and your home will be a place of peace, security, and Life. Choose the path of lies and deception, that of Satan, and your home will be a place of pain, tears, and loneliness. (Sorry for the blunt delivery, no I'm not really, this calls for bluntness).

Christ drew me to Himself when I was 10. I will never forget the day when true joy took over my little life at church camp that year. Allow this year to be the year you will never forget, whether at church camp or in the shower. Christ can come whenever and wherever He chooses. Keep your eyes opened to Him.

On Friday Christ was a thief and on Sunday He was a King. Use this Friday to remember.

Here, listen for yourself....


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