Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPhone Photo Album

These are my favorite pics from my iPhone. Hope you enjoy them!

"Best tough buddies," according to Simms.

Silly Faces!


Simms loves his Daddy.

Best friends; that's Hannah.
Simms just told me he was going to marry her.
That gives him about 25 years to save for a ring and keep his hands to himself.

Monkey business.
Overpriced monkey balloon that I couldn't say no to getting made for him.

Hello there blue eyes.

Our friend Catherine. I LOVE it that I'm her "Aunt Megan!"

That's the way to eat our favorite Graeter's ice cream.
You've gotta try Black Raspberry Chip.
Oh, I'm craving it now.

Matt wearing Simms' Woody towel. Simms thought it was hilarious!

Happy Birthday Papa!

Enjoying the first pretty day this year!

Simms making his sweet face.
I think that's what made me buy that monkey balloon!

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