Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been laid up on the couch, not feeling well; no cooking or baking. The Pennyless Cook has been out of remission so I have had the excuse to watch movie after movie and not feeling guilty about it with my husband's blessing.
I just realized that throughout this movie marathon a theme has occurred: strong women chasing after a dream of some kind. One dream was family, one dream was the job, one was the spot-light, one was a lover. Watching all these women I realized most all of them had some part of the American dream already, but were still chasing after that missing piece.
Laying here on the couch amongst laundry, scattered toys, mis-matched furniture, dirty dishes, my loud and talkative son; I realized that I am not living the American dream. I am living life, the life that God has generously given me, and I want to continue to live the life that he has given me more and more worthy of Christ each day.
Sure I have dreams. I dream of being debt-free, and then having a home decorated like Southern Living. I dream of having more kids, and then I dream of having grand-kids. I dream of writing for a living, preferably about my great loves like food, family, and God (I don't know how that could work, but you never know?). I dream of being a photographer. I dream of traveling. I dream of growing an organic garden (I'm still working on that compost). I dream of having a consistent work-out schedule. I dream of losing those last 15 pounds. I even sometimes dream of having an adorable, gourmet food store and cafe.
These are all beautiful dreams to me that I spend too much time thinking about, but it's fun to dream; to reach, and most importantly to know that God will always carry me where I truly need to go. If I look to Him He will always catch me when I trip and dust me off, and then shove me where I really need to be to live the life to glorify Him.
When I am being raised to see Christ in the Final Day, that day all of my dreams will come true because I will be able to live a life worthy of Christ without anymore tripping. I will be perfectly with Christ forever!


Bonnie said...

beautiful reminder. love you Megan!

Michelle said...

Love that you dream dreams that won't ever are loved