Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pennyless Life: "Last Night"

The Civil Wars have quickly become my favorite band. Have you heard of them? Well if you haven't you need to. Right now! Yes I am being bossy. You will understand once you hear them.
They are a musical duo comprised of Joy Williams and John Paul White. I grew up listening to Joy Williams as a kid, but she seems like she really found herself in The Civil Wars (not that I should be speaking for her, but it's the truth. She agrees with me). They're lyrics are haunting and magical, and I got to enjoy it firsthand last night thanks to Matt's belated birthday gift to me.
They are simple on stage. John Paul is on guitar (I think he had like 4 different types up there with him last night; Matt was drooling) and then Joy on keys and accordion. Though simplistic on stage they're personality comes through with every song as if they are in an intimate conversation with each other, which brings energy and passion to their performance. They have fun on stage and that overflows into the audience (no, I'm not getting paid to write this review). I just love them if you can't tell.

It was a great night even though the body guard wouldn't let my husband in because he didn't have his i.d. Come ON seriously! Like Matt doesn't look 18!

Oh sorry I got confused because of the facial hair. This is Simms last year. He has shaved since this was taken.

There's Matt and definitely looking older then 18.

So he had to drive back to our house (like 20 minutes away) to get it. Thankfully there was an opening number.
And this is an announcement: People if you go to a concert listen to the music; don't talk through the entire performance! There I said my peace! I had to get that off my chest because I didn't tell the two girls in front of me that last night. Thanks, this was great therapy.
And even still, a beautiful night filled with beautiful music.

This is them. I know lame, but the best I could get with my iPhone.

Encore song.....they covered "Billie Jean". It rocked!

This was my very first Civil Wars concert thanks to my friend Alana; that's her in the middle (not enjoying herself AT all if you can tell).

First song I heard by them.

Favorite song by them to date.


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