Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Recap

I cannot believe it's already May! Since life has been crazy (probably just like yours), and we haven't been able to talk as regularly as I would've liked, let's catch up. Thanks to my iPhone camera and the help of Instagram here is the past several months told through the beauty of photography.





*Ready to Pop *Last Day with Tessa *Painting for Evie *Evelyn Elyse 2/13/2012 *Welcome Home *First Bath *Grandaddy *Meeting Allie Jane *First Time with Clark *Silly Heads *Happy 1-Month Birthday *Go Knights! *Look Who I Found *Baby "Evie" Taylors *March Madness *Let's Swing *Art Time *2-Month-Old Party *"Where in the World is Aunt Mary Lea and 'Hedder'?" *Broken Wrist? *Just a Sprain *Hold on for Dear Life! *Yay! *

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