Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you all ever have dreams in your head and vividly picture yourself achieving those far off dreams? I'm not talking dreams within reach. For instance, I had the dream of being a stay at home mom. The Lord graciously allowed that to happen. I also had the dream of owning a home and having a garden.

Those are dreams that have now been turned into blessings. I also have the dream of being a published author of some sort, and that dream is definitely further out just beyond my reach, but maybe, just maybe that could become a reality in the far off future. Who really knows?
But I'm talking about an unimaginable dream, that in all seriousness will never, ever happen, like me going to Broadway.
I know, it's entirely laughable! I can't believe I'm admitting this, but when I'm by myself I sometimes do dance moves (I'm talking all-out jetes, arabesques, pirouettes, and sometimes even the jazz square) and along with that I sing Broadway hits. I know you're probably cringing with embarrassment for me right now, but I also visualize myself on stage gracefully jeteing (if that's even a word) and singing with flawlessness. Hilarious I know, especially since, while I love singing, the only the stage I will ever step foot onto is in the shower. Now, in the shower I achieve fame and success, but then I turn off the water and exit into, well the bathroom of course, where the toilet is really the only thing that has the spotlight.
Growing up I immersed myself in old musicals and Disney movies. When I was in middle school my friends Lindsay, Tara, and I even held rehearsals in our homes of the Broadway musical production "Beauty and the Beast". I laugh thinking back on how serious we were about taking our show to different venues, and all the disagreements we had about who would play the Beast. I also took dance lessons and was always in the school and church choir from 3 years-old to about 16. I don't look back at those years as a waste of time. There is great beauty, creativity, and discipline in being able to take part in the arts of any kind. It gave me a great appreciation and understanding. The Lord used all of that to make me into the person I am today. The kind of girl who knows today that He, Christ, is the greatest Artist and that He is truly the only one worth singing and dancing to; even if it's only across the living room floor or in the shower.

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tara said...

Girl, you have no idea how many times I've told that story to people... we WERE so serious. It's so fun to remember! I'm thankful you are following so hard after Jesus. Every time I get a chance to read your blog, I'm encouraged by your love for Him. I beg Him to continue to allow me to draw near in that same way. In ways that make me dance. Your joy is intoxicating, friend!!!! Dance away! And... it would be so cool for you to be published! ;-)