Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walk the Line

I write this with a heavy heart. I know that's cliche, but it's true. My baby is growing up. He is on his way to BIG, scary kindergarten. Well, scary to me anyways. I know it is a huge blessing to have a "4 1/2 year-old" (as he so proudly says), who is healthy and happy, but he has know idea what is out there, and if I am honest I just don't want him to experience it on his own. I don't want anyone to hurt him; I don't want him to get wrapped up in caring when people hurt him; I don't want him to hurt anyone. I want him to be, just be, and stay how he is at this moment; innocent and loving, and, well, a little crazy (which I sort of love).
I fear the unknown for him. I fear what I know for him.
Simms truly has never met a stranger. He believes in that little heart of his that everyone is his friend. I know this is ultimately a great thing, going to school; obviously this is all a piece in the puzzle of life. For my social-butterfly-of-a-son, school is right up his alley, but I just want him to stay in my safe, little, lit alley. But truly it's not up to me. This is where trusting the Lord comes into play.

It's now time for Simms to continue to follow that line he just walked into the next classroom of life. I know there will be days and seasons where he will walk that line gracefully, where he will wobble, and where he will completely fall off. Prayerfully, and by His unmerited favor, the Lord will be there guiding Simms and our family on that line. I just hope that grace will cover him and give him great strength and balance.

And when that happens we will celebrate with Simms as he lives and grows in this carefree life that he carries as our child; as His child, which God uses daily in my life to lead me on this line that I am currently walking towards Him.

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