Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling Cheated On

My kitchen has definately been neglected the last few days. I need to give it some nourishment and love here soon or it might leave me if I'm not careful! It's just been a busy life lately. Sunday, church was an all day event for us, and then family has been in town the last couple of days. It's been a crazy, but joyous last few days; unfortunately that means someone is not getting the attention they need and that is my kitchen. The most it's seen of me is for some scrambled eggs and some beans and rice.
Let me share with you a little tip with you that makes all the difference when making what can be a mundane meal. You can save a ton of money each month if you simply add in beans and rice to your monthly menu. We have it about every week just in different variations. You can take a tour around the world simply through rice and beans, and it saves you at least fifty dollars each month.
The real trick to cooking your beans so you get as much flavor out of them as possible is by using an iron or non-stick skillet, good cooking oil, and garlic. After sauteing the garlic for a minute cook your beans on medium heat while stirring till tender. Once tender let them simmer for at least ten minutes, add spices and smash them. This gives the beans a creamy and meaty consistency. When finished cooking, simply spoon over rice (I usually buy a big bag of whole grain brown rice for the fiber, which can cost a little extra*; one bag lasts our family 5-6 weeks).

*See: Tips to Cook or Eat By

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